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Our lead author-instructor has over 18 years of experience in the legal field and is the Qualifying Party of a private investigation agency.  

Our I SPY PI® courses include interviews with private investigators. 



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“A partnership offers another sharp mind and set of muscles to ward off competitors. The most important companies in America would not exist if not for their partnerships. They’re part of the folklore  of American ingenuity.”
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“An interview is the exchange of information by parties who are reluctant to cede control. Interviewers seek the truth. Deceptive Subjects protect themselves by manipulating interviewers’ perceptions.”
Truth or Dare: Interviewing and Testifying.


Our courses use real-life scenarios to illustrate best practices in business, client relations, communication, investigative procedures, ethics and the law.

Apparently, no one ever actually looked at the time stamp and compared it to the plaintiff’s schedule.
If they had they would have noticed that not only was he not at his desk when the porn was downloaded, he wasn’t even in town.” 
Stealth Mode: Surveillance and Undercover Ops.